We’re taking action to reduce
our environmental impact in the
transport industry.

Environmental Impact

We utilise KiwiRail’s existing network of rail and ferry

A low environmental impact is important to us. Though carbon emissions are unavoidable when transporting goods across New Zealand, we significantly reduce ours by limiting our use of road transport. This is done by utilising KiwiRail’s network of trains to move our line haul between our main hubs: Auckland – Blenheim – Christchurch – Dunedin. We also use KiwiRail’s ferry network to reduce the need for using aviation transport, another mode that causes high carbon emissions.

Less trucks on the road saves you more than just dollars

Alleviate road congestion
Rail removes 1.4 million trucks* from our roads. For every truck transport journey south, that truck also needs to be returned north for the next shipment, doubling the impact for each product transported south.

Reduce carbon emissions
Rail diverts 470,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.* Where one truck is limited to transporting one to two containers of goods, trains can carry many times more, with less stopping and starting.

Reduce diesel consumption
Using rail avoids 185 million litres* of diesel that would have been used to transport goods on our roads.
Rail accounts for less than 2% of energy used by the transport sector while completing 16% of the freight task.*

*Figures from KiwiRail’s Sustainability Report 2014

Freight in bulk, and let us distribute your goods when required

We’re really passionate about doing the right thing. We encourage our clients to freight their goods in bulk using our Auckland to South Island service. By offering a managed warehousing service, we also make this bulk freighting more cost effective, saving both on the impact of multiple interisland trips. Then, when we transport those goods South Island wide for you, we’re reducing the impact that transporting smaller products more frequently into South Island destinations has on our environment.

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